GDPM, a well proven PM approach!

GDPM Book Cover In 2014 it was 30 years since the first edition of the GDPM book came out on Norwegian. The book has since 1984 sold more than 120,000 copies in Norway. The book has been translated into eight languages (Swedish, Danish, German, Dutch, English, Italian, Russian and Hungarian). Moreover, there is a pirate edition in Chinese.

GDPM for the Balloon Flight over Mt. Everest

The Story

Our very talented and committed team were planning to fly the first hot air balloon over Mount Everest in 1989! The project evolved from initially being named “Star Himalayan Challenge” to “Balloon Over Everest”. We had bought the bespoke balloon, sponsors were on board, media entities were committed, and very many individuals and organizations in the UK and dotted round the world were heavily involved.

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